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Cocoa beans

Fine aroma, origin Ucayali

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Nibs, chocolate, fine coffee and infusions

Organic and fair work products


226 families
of the
Curimana Valley

3 products with fine profiles

Production processes

Our association follows an organic management plan of cocoa cultivation
that is efficiently fulfilled by our cocoa farmers.

Zero deforestation model

Stories of cocoa farmers

3 treasures of Curimaná

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of Ucayali

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Dirección: Jr. Garibaldi Bardales Mz. 54 Lt. 6 - Curimaná - Padre Abad - Ucayali

Celular: +51 999 995 686

Celular: +51 949 908 549

Whatsapp: +51 999 995 686